Wednesday, October 7, 2009

*just take a picture *

Another one of my *Sister*
Crystal in the moon light

waterfall hallway @ the Embassy

full moon @ the end of old arbot

car crash, they moved it from the street to the sidewalk, go figure

interesting sign, this is how they package ketcup and salad dressings.

Jon, take a picutre

Jon, take a picture, this is a hat I made at the South Pole a few years back. Personally I think it's rather cute/fun.

Jon, take a picture

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Very Random

Glass bridge at night, notice the lit up building on the left.
And on the next picutre notice it is red. It is so interesting.

in front of the British Embassy

Jon would eat the middle of the watermellon so I ate the middle out of a loaf of bread

training out on the green

Happy Birthday from Jennifer, thanx

heading out to lunch with the crew

Doll making 101

Bagel making 101

Dolls for the kids

Maker of the Dolls

Running a 5k

Hoping this finds you all Happy and Healthey. And to those who are struggeling, know that we are thinking of you and are with you in your hearts.