Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Irina My Little Russian Friend

There once was a young Little Red Head that worked in the store here on compound, her name is Irina. Day after day of seeing her we became friends. Last summer she had the opportunity of spending 4 months in Missouri working at a resort. I was so excited for her to visit the states and to see the way we live. There were things she liked and things that just didn't strike her fancy. I thought she would LOVE Wal-Mart, but it just didn't hit her fancy. Oh well!! I would go to the store just to chat with her. I would even bag groceries just so I wouldn't look like I was loitering. We went to a Halloween Party together, she even took me to the movies one night, it was in English. Jon and I had a hand in helping her chose which college she will be attending later this summer. I thought her how to make bread and chocolate chip cookies, I think she ate more dough than cookies. She is a student in the college here, lives away from home, teaches English to Russians and loves cats and talking to people. A week ago she quite working at the Embassy and so this is a little blog for you to meet her. She would call me her Old Friend because we have known each other for 8 months. One day I had a racquet ball match and Jon had a racquetball match. We both ended up losing our matches and she looked at me and said "You are both losers". She really has a fun way of putting things. Love to you Irina and I'll miss you.